The Price of Freedom 30th Anniversary Remaster

January 29th, 2021

Eurekepiphany Records to release 30th Anniversary Remastered Version of “The Price of Freedom” by SPAMPARIS

After 30 Years, SPAMPARIS’ 1991 The Price of Freedom Song, Anniversary Remaster, to hit the airwaves and internet streams

Listen to the original 1991 Version of The Price of Freedom by SPAMPARIS.

HARTFORD, Jan. 19, 2021 /EINewswire/—Eurekepiphany Records to release 30th Anniversary Remastered Version of “The Price of Freedom” by SPAMPARIS.

SPAMPARIS long awaited official international release of their 1991 timeless indie-rock anthem “The Price of Freedom.” The song which first appeared on the band’s 1991 EP “A Taste of SPAM” helped earn them a spot on Musician Magazines “Top 100 Unsigned Bands” of the same year.

The new 30Th anniversary remastered single features an American Flag, “Stars and Stripes” upside down for the cover art. 

“We’ve seen unprecedented violent protests all over the United States in the past year.  People stirred into a frenzy by biased media talking heads, politicians and extremists from both sides unhinged on the wild west of free speech on social media.  There are a many people who live in the United States who look at what is unraveling on CNN and Fox News and are heartbroken.  Pundits are creating division by sowing divisive commentary,” lamented David Flood, SPAMPARIS lead singer and lyricist. 

“We (surviving members Ed DiMuzio Jr., drums, David Flood, guitar and vocals, Rick Reese, bass guitar and K) were planning on re-releasing a 30th Anniversary version of “The Price of Freedom” later this year, but with threats of new violent protests reported by the media, planned for the up-coming Presidential inauguration, leading to the extraordinary deployment of the massive US National Guard force in DC and across the nation, we decided to release the song as quickly as possible.”

“I originally penned Freedom as an anti-war song, after the first Iraq War broke out in the Middle East. The songs lyrics are meant as a battle cry for keeping things glued together verses ripping everything apart,” Flood continued.

“When I wrote those lyrics 30 years ago, I was fearful that America was headed in the wrong direction —I was against the war in Iraq.  Now, 30 years later, we are facing an even larger crisis, a power struggle over the soul of America, with threats of a looming Civil War.” 

The first verse starts, “Heard it on the radio, say it isn’t so, it seems the end is near.  And I can’t understand, why we’re in a foreign land, we must be clear.  This land is strong you see, it bears our hopes and dreams and no one can take it away.  But there’s a problem here, the cost is high I fear we all will, pay the price of freedom.” 

The Price of Freedoms second verse continues “We walk together, hand in hand, until the path divides.  I will hope and your will pray, could we both be right?  It’s the choice we make, no dignity at stake, we all want to survive.  But still I count the days, until the end of the human race, we all will pay the price of freedom.” The song crescendos with a soaring soulful guitar solo performed by SPAMPARIS’ only non-surviving member, Chris Hobler (lead guitar and background vocals who died of ALS in 2005 at the age of 39). 

“We never got signed, bemused SPAMPARIS bassist, and Berklee College of Music alum, Rick Reese,  SPAMPARIS (originally from Boston, Massachusetts) broke up in 1993, (pre-internet) and even though the EP got decent airplay on college radio, we never had any real promotion of any kind, so, it never reached the broader audience that we felt the song deserved.”

Ed DiMuzio Jr., the bands drummer continued.  “When David told me about his Underwater Orchestra project, and his intent to bring back the Price of Freedom as an integral part of the story, I was excited too…that these songs could possibly be getting exposure to a wider audience.”

“We put the ‘Stars and Stripes’ upside down for the cover, Flood added.  It really is a time of distress in the United States…and The Price of Freedom, should be a moment of pause for everyone caught up in the frenzy.  The Price of Freedom isn’t a cry for battle, it’s a song of hope….that clearer heads will prevail.”

You can listen to the original version on the Facebook and YouTube Channels for Rick Reese and Flood’s new project David Flood and The Incredible Underwater Orchestra. The song is scheduled for a January 29th, 2021 release for purchase or streaming on Apple iTunes, and other streaming platforms.  To learn more about SPAMPARIS and David Flood and the Incredible Underwater Orchestra visit Eurekepiphany Records website at

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